Just a reminder that the Great Map Giveaway will be held today in the University Galleria beginning at 8:15 a.m. today!

There are maps from various countries on various topics. Maps are parts of sets, or just single sheets and are not organized in any way (yes, somewhat complete chaos).

All maps are free to a good home.

Again as in previous years, these maps are first come first serve.

Hope to see you there!


MacOdrum Library invites you to join us for International Open Access Week 2015, October 19-25!

Learn more about Open Access and hear about some projects using open data, and other forms of open access information here at Carleton.

“What’s ‘Open’ Anyway?”
Thursday, October 22, 1:30-3:30
MacOdrum Library, room 482

  • Tracey Lauriault from the School of Journalism and Communications will give a talk entitled “Open data, open government, transparency and evidence-informed decision making and the 2015 Election”.
  • Rebecca Bartlett and Jennifer Whitney, both from the Library,  will talk about their innovative open data project  which maps electoral districts and voting records of MPs.
  • Hear about a Library-supported project to digitize current and historical OC Transpo route data.
  • Pat Moore and Julie Lavigne will talk about some of the initiatives and support for OA publishing at Carleton, including the specific ways in which you as a researcher can make your research output more visible.

There will be time for discussion and conversation after the presentations, and light refreshments will be served.

For more information: https://library.carleton.ca/Open-Access-Week-2015-events

Are you wondering if the journal article you just found is from an “academic” source?  Are you looking for a scholarly or open access journal that might be interested in publishing the article that you just wrote?  Use UlrichsWeb to find out.

There is information on over 300,000 scholarly, trade, corporate, and government serials worldwide, and pointers to the publishers’ web sites for added detail.


Faculty are invited to join Carleton librarians Pat Moore and Julie Lavigne on September 29th, 2015 at 10 a.m. to learn about Open Access Publishing.

This event will provide a general introduction to the Open Access (OA) publishing model and the various issues and management considerations related to the model, including Carleton University support for Open Access. The event will take place in Room 4110, Human Computer Interaction Building.


Matthew Holahan (Neuroscience)
Maria DeRosa (Chemistry)
Pat Morin (Comp Sci)
Peter Thompson (Canadian Studies)

For more information and to sign up, please visit the Carleton Scholar website.

There are still a limited number of desks in shared study rooms available for graduate students, so the application process has been re-opened. There are no carrels or lockers available at this time.

Applications for desks will be given priority according to the criteria listed below. If your application is accepted then you will be contacted by email. Spaces should be assigned to successful applicants by the end of September.

Priority for space is given to graduate students who meet these criteria:

  • in the faculty of FASS or FPA;
  • without office space on campus; and
  • require a quiet work space close to library resources

If space permits, other graduate students will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

See the Graduate Study Spaces page for more information or go directly to the Graduate Study Space Application Form.

Your library needs you!

We are currently recruiting students to join our Student Advisory Committee. The committee is comprised of students who are interested in enhancing library resources, services, and physical and digital spaces, providing constructive feedback, and developing ideas for creating a better student experience at the library.

We welcome undergraduate and graduate students to join.

The Committee will meet at scheduled times during the Fall and Winter terms. Membership is from September 2015 to April 2016. Deadline for applications is September 18th. To learn more and to submit an application, visit https://library.carleton.ca/about/student-library-advisory-committee.

NVivo is a software package that helps with qualitative data analysis. The library offers NVivo workshops to the Carleton community either for individuals, small groups or classes.

NVivo can help you keep your project or thesis research organized and has the ability to import a wide variety of data types such as text, audio, video and social media,

Learn how to code and integrate demographic data attributes into your project with ease. NVivo won’t do the intellectual work of deciding what your data means, but it can help you to identify themes and see patterns that may make it easier for you to discover those meanings.

Here is the Fall 2015/Winter 2015 workshop schedule for introductory NVivo training (on both Windows and Mac).

If you are an instructor, contact nvivo@library.carleton.ca to arrange a workshop for your class.  Visit the NVivo web page to learn more about the software.