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NVivo Training Workshops

NVivo is a software package that helps with qualitative data analysis. The library offers NVivo workshops to the Carleton community either for individuals, small groups or classes.

NVivo can help you keep your project or thesis research organized and has the ability to import a wide variety of data types such as text, audio, video and social media,

Learn how to code and integrate demographic data attributes into your project with ease. NVivo won’t do the intellectual work of deciding what your data means, but it can help you to identify themes and see patterns that may make it easier for you to discover those meanings.

Here is the Fall 2015/Winter 2015 workshop schedule for introductory NVivo training (on both Windows and Mac).

If you are an instructor, contact nvivo@library.carleton.ca to arrange a workshop for your class.  Visit the NVivo web page to learn more about the software.


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MacOdrum Library offers a variety of support for Open Access and scholarly publishing initiatives through a number of projects that are intended to provide the widest possible access to the work of Carleton research and scholars.

Publication Services include:

  • OJS – Open Journal Publication

Repositories include:

  • Dataverse
  • OJS

Funding to Support Open Access includes:

  • CURIE Fund
  • Graduate Student Open Access Award
  • Public Knowledge Project (PKP)

For more detailed information about the above initiatives, please visit the library’s new Open Access Support web page.

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