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DGES Professor Fraser Taylor, recent recipient of the a Killam prize,  and distinguished research professor and director of the Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre, will be giving a presentation at the Main Branch of the Ottawa Public Library, Wednesday, April 23, 2014

His presentation, organized by the Ottawa Public Library and the Ottawa Society for the Arts and Sciences, is entitled I Map therefore I Am: Recent Developments in Cartography in the Age of Location.

The impact of location on all aspects of societal activities is now so great that a strong case can be made that we are entering the “age of location.” Cartography is an old discipline, but as a result of technological change it is becoming increasingly central to the new challenges facing society. New forms of maps and mapping are emerging, such as cybercartography, in response to these new challenges.

Where: Main Branch, Ottawa Public Library, 120 Metcalfe St. (corner of Laurier Ave.), Auditorium
When: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

For more information: http://biblioottawalibrary.ca/en/node/18929.


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The Pilot Canadian Atlas of the Risk of Homelessness aims to provide a geographic understanding of the variables associated with the risk of homelessness in selected Canadian municipalities with the objective to inform public policy and infrastructure decisions toward a focus on efforts prevent households from becoming homeless. Measuring this risk also demonstrates how homelessness is an indicator of a broader set of quality of life issues affecting a much larger proportion of the population.

Source: GCRC Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre, Carleton University


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The Canadian County Atlas Digital Project: includes maps that have been digitized at McGill University and cover all of Ontario in 1880. There are a number of maps for each country, and visitors can use the drop-down menus to look for items of particular interest.

The menus include Choose a County, Choose a Township, and Choose a Town. By clicking on each map, visitors will be able to look at different township maps that will reveal property boundaries, improvements, and all types of other details.

This searchable database includes property owner’s names which appear on the township maps in the county atlases. Historians and geographers will find much to admire here and it’s easy to see how this website could be used to illustrate historical trends in terms of land development.

Source: GeogNews

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Plan to attend a new workshop in November co-hosted by the Centre for Law, Technology and Society (CLTS)
the Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre (GCRC) and the Canadian Internet Public Policy and Interest Clinic (CIPPIC)

Date: Nov. 14, 2012

at the
Louis Pasteur Hall, University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Canada
Room: LPR 285

Time: 1:15 to 5:00 pm

Read more about it here.

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Check out Old maps online.

Google Maps has revolutionized the way we approach cartography, but really old specimens have a je ne sais quoi that is tough to replicate in digital form. Old Maps Online, an initiative of the The Great Britain Historical GIS Project and Klokan Technologies GmbH, Switzerland, combines the ease of digital searching with the magic of older maps – allowing users to search the physical collections of the world’s libraries.

Source: Urban Planet Toronto

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Scholars GeoPortal is an award-winning* geospatial data discovery tool allowing Ontario’s university students and researchers to enrich their teaching and research by engaging with OCUL’s growing collection of geospatial data. The portal offers search, preview, query, download and sharing functionality for datasets licensed by Ontario university libraries, covering such topics as land use, transportation networks, census boundaries, geology, soils, points of interest (such as healthcare facilities, schools, and airports), air photos, and more.

Scholars GeoPortal is the result of a 3-year OCUL project supported by the Government of Ontario through its OntarioBuys initiative. A collaborative effort including the work of OCUL members and faculty from across the province, the Scholars Portal team, and partners from the Ontario government, this new platform is powered by ESRI’s ArcGIS suite of software.

The data can be exported in a number of popular formats, including as a shapefile, DWG, DXF, GeoTiff, and MrSID.

Access to Scholars GeoPortal @

For more information, please contact the GIS Librarian, David Sharp

Source: OCUL

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The Toronto Star supported a ‘map of the week’ blog project which ended on July 10, 2010 but had some really great maps. Some of the topics that were mapped for the Toronto area included: Bed Bugs, Organ Donor registry, Child Birth, Same Sex Marriage, Infectious Disease, Gun Ownership, Military Recruiting, Agriculture and more. Have a look.

The author of the blog is Patrick Cain.ca who is a journalist who makes maps for the web and is now web coordinator for Global News.

Source: CAG and Toronto Star



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