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On Sept. 12, 2011, the Authors Guild sued the University of Michigan, the University of California, the University of Wisconsin, Indianan University, and Cornell University over digital copies of books from their vast libraries. Many of these scanned book are no longer in print and of interest only to scholars, but the lawsuit reflects growing tension between professional authors and the libraries that hold their work.

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The Library has recently added The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas to its collection. The Big Guide Online provides access to study, volunteer and job opportunities abroad and is an excellent resource to assist in finding and succeeding in an international career.

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The World Bank eAtlas of the Millennium Development Goals, created by Collins Geo, lets you visualize and map the indicators that measure progress toward the 8 MDGs. It provides clear explanations of each Goal and its related Targets, leading into world maps keyed to each Indicator. The eAtlas has panning and zooming capabilities, country data rankings and the ability to compare two maps keyed to different indicators, years, or countries. Access the E-Atlas

Soil Atlas of the Northern Circumpolar Region

This atlas is the result of a three-year collaborative project with partners from northern EU countries, as well as Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, the USA and Russia and gives a detailed overview of circumpolar soil resources relevant also to agriculture, forest management, water management, land use planning, infrastructure and housing and energy transport networks.

In a clear style, the atlas describes the origin and major characteristics of the different soil types that can be found in this environment.

The atlas aims to :

  • support EU policies such as the ERA, the Soil Thematic Strategy, the Northern Dimension and Climate Change;
  • promote the soil related activities and global dimension of the JRC,
  • bring circumpolar soils into policy focus by identifying needs for policy and research strategies aimed at soil protection and mitigating climate change with specific emphasis on soils.
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2009 Chart of Conflict

Bogota, Columbia maps and plans

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Want to increase your access to the full-text of e-books from major publishers?

Check out the Library’s new e-books on Scholars Portal Books. Find works published by Springer, Oxford, Cambridge, and Elsevier, as well as books published by Canadian presses, non-governmental organizations, and the Ontario government.

Using Scholars Portal Books you can:

  • Browse books by subject
  • Search and access the full-text of e-books
  • Save citations
  • Print or download parts of a book

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