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Geographer’s Revenge

Read Jason Dittmer’s review of Robert Kaplan’s new book, “The Revenge of Geography”.

Here is a snippet:

In an attempt to atone for his idealist support of the invasion of Iraq, Robert Kaplan has turned to geography, but in casting about for an explanation of what went wrong, Kaplan has stumbled into the shallows of geopolitics.

“What did we do to geography to get it so mad?” quipped the cashier, eyeing the cover when I bought Robert Kaplan’s latest from a bookstore in my hometown. I have to admit that I laughed—as a geographer you get so used to the un-funny jokes (“you must get tired of coloring in maps all the time”) that when you hear something new it is a genuine pleasure. But the joke seems oddly prescient now that I have read the book. Indeed, there have been crimes against geography, with Kaplan the latest perpetrator. Read on.

The book is available in the Carleton library, JC319.K335 2012

Source: The New Inquiry



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Founder Seminar

Presented by Department of Geography & Environmental Studies
Topic: “New Wars, Old Wars and Contemporary Geopolitics”
Speaker: Dr. Simon Dalby, Professor, Department of Geography & Environmental Studies
Friday, March 26th – 2:40 – 4:30 p.m.
A220 Loeb

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The year 2009/10 will mark 20 years since the end of the Cold War. A series of roundtable discussions and lectures will reflect upon the impact that the end of the Cold War has had on various aspects of politics. The series will feature the insights of scholars whose interests span several subfields and disciplines. Plan to attend the next panel discussion on:

Thursday, Jan. 28
International Relations Theory since the end of the Cold War
2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Room A602, Loeb Building

Panelists are:
Department of Political Science: Randall Germain, Hans-Martin Jaeger, Fiona Robinson,
Brian Schmidt, Mira Sucharov
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies: Simon Dalby
NPSIA: David Long

Click here for more information.

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Professor Dalby along with Fulbright Canada is  involved with organizing an international conference that will be held in Ottawa on January 15-16, 2010, entitled “RE-IMAGINING THE CANADA-UNITED STATES BORDER: DESIGNING PUBLIC POLICY FOR AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE” It will address the future public policy implications of political, economic, and security developments currently affecting the Canada-U.S. border.

Tentative Expressions of interest from volunteers is urgently required!

The organizers are looking for Graduate students who would be willing to participate as rapporteurs for the breakout sessions. If you are interested and/or know someone that would be interested, please contact Jennifer Regan at jregan@fullbright.ca before the Christmas holidays.

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Professor Emily Gilbert is looking for a few geographers to participate in a panel on Geopolitics and Canadian Critical Security Studies. It will be held as part of the joint meeting of the International Studies Association (Canada) and the Canadian Political Science Association at Concordia University, Montreal, June 1-3, 2010.

One of the workshops being organized is on Canadian Critical Security Studies, and they are very interested in having geographers participate and contribute to the emergence of a Canadian group on critical security studies: http://criticalsecurity.ca/. If you are interested in presenting as part of this panel please contact emily.gilbert@utoronto.ca by Friday November 13, 2009.

Graduate student participation is most welcome.

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