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Collaborating on Comparative “Greenbelt” Governance Research with Mexico

Assistant Professor Jill Wigle is currently collaborating on a SSHRC-funded research project on comparative “greenbelt” governance and related processes of socio-spatial appropriation and management in Mexico City and Ottawa with Priscilla Connolly, a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Sociology and the Master’s Programme in Planning and Metropolitan Policy at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM) in Mexico City.

In April 2012, Professor Connolly will visit Carleton University and begin the Ottawa part of the research, along with one of the Mexican Research Assistants working on the project, Hector Hidalgo Paez. DGES graduate students, Andrea Carrion, Gary Martin and Chris Bisson are also participating in the project as Research Assistants. In Ottawa, the project will focus on the city’s greenbelt, while in Mexico City the project will look at the governance of informality in the city’s largest remaining conservation zone which now also represents its southern urbanizing periphery.

Source: CAGList GeogNews


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