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The Pilot Canadian Atlas of the Risk of Homelessness aims to provide a geographic understanding of the variables associated with the risk of homelessness in selected Canadian municipalities with the objective to inform public policy and infrastructure decisions toward a focus on efforts prevent households from becoming homeless. Measuring this risk also demonstrates how homelessness is an indicator of a broader set of quality of life issues affecting a much larger proportion of the population.

Source: GCRC Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre, Carleton University



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In 1999, the Province designated municipalities as “service system managers” for homelessness and devolved many formerly provincial responsibilities to the municipal level. That year, Toronto released the “Golden Report” – Anne Golden’s seminal work that called for greater homelessness prevention and shared responsibilities on a host of actions to address the issue.

Read the City of Ottawa’s 2009-2014 community action plan on homelessness.

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Professors Fran Klodawsky (Geography), Josh Greenberg (Journalism) and Tim Aubry (U. of Ottawa) and other housing activists have co-produced a new film about homelessness in Ottawa. It is called:

“From Homeless to Home: Stories from Ottawa”

It is a 16 minute documentary shot by Montreal film maker Jason Gondziola and was made possible with support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. The film can be streamed online at:


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