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The Royal Canadian Geographic Society (RCGS) offers funding for both graduate and upper-level undergraduate students in the areas of northern research,  human geography, and general research.  Although not available last year, the RCGS provide funds this year, and the deadline for submissions to the funding programs are March 15th.

Details of the programs are available at: http://www.rcgs.org/programs/


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Dialogues in Human Geography is a new journal that is meant to stimulate open and critical debate on the philosophical, methodological and pedagogic foundations of geographic thought and praxis. This title is currently under consideration for purchase by the Library.

Published by Sage Open, the open access outlet model for this journal evaluates the scientific and research methods of each article for validity and accepts articles solely on the basis of research. This approach allows readers greater access and gives them the power to determine the significance of each article through Sage Open’s interactive comments feature and article-level usage metrics. Read more about Sage Open.

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