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The classic counterpart to a CV, cover letters are standard in almost all job applications. Academic cover letters are typically allowed to be longer than in other sectors, but this latitude comes with its own pitfalls. For one, many cover letters are written as if they were simply a retelling in full sentences of everything on the CV. But this makes no sense. Selectors will have skimmed through your CV already, and they don’t want to re-read it in prose form. Instead, approach your cover letter as a short essay. It needs to present a coherent, evidence-based response to one question above all: why would you be an excellent hire for this position?

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“A new poster by the Association of American Geographers that promotes careers in geography was written to grab your attention.your_mom_saidBut its simplicity belies a greater potential impact because it is based upon research about how young people, from under-represented groups especially, make their career path choices.

Its claims are also derived upon facts and knowledge about the current state of the discipline of geography. Here’s what you should know:” read more

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Here is a great article from The Guardian’s Higher Education Network on how to balance your thesis deadline and job search. In it Victoria McGowan and Erika Brockfeld offer advice and note that: “with the end of days upon us, here are four more points of guidance we’ve gleaned from supportive colleagues and mentors.” READ ON.

Source: Higher Education Network – The Guardian

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While a common question of those who are studying geography is, “What are you going to do with a degree in geography?,” there are actually many options and potential careers for geography majors. Geography is a major that teaches students a wide-range of useful skills for the marketplace. Employers value the wide-ranging computer, research, and analytical skills that geography students bring to work as employees.

Click here to read about your options that includes, Urban planner, Cartographer, GIS Specialist, Climatologist, Transportation management, Environmental assessment, Writer/researcher, Teaching, Emergency management, Demographer, Marketer, Librarian, Real estate, etc.

Source: About.com Geography

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The following are web sites that list job opportunities in geography, geosciences and the environment.

About.com: geography – provides ideas options for what you can do with a geography degree.

GeographyJobs.ca – is a job search and job by e-mail service that is focused on bringing together geographers and employers in need of their talents.

Earthworks-jobs.com – lists jobs in all the geosciences, geography and GIS fields and more.

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