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Building a Liveable Ottawa 2031 is a city-wide review of land use, transportation and infrastructure policies that make up the Official Plan, Transportation Master Plan, Infrastructure Master Plan, Cycling Plan and the Pedestrian Plan, with an eye towards making Ottawa a more vibrant, health and sustainable city.

Since launching the campaign in January, more than 8,000 citizens have participated in the online questionnaire. A report of the results is available on the City of Ottawa website, along with Official Plan Status update and more information about the proposed rural policies.

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Source: City of Ottawa online newsletter, May 1, 2103


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 The search for sustainable energy and protection for the environment is an important theme in Canada’s North these days. In a recent interview on Canada A.M., Derek Mueller, Assistant Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies at Carleton University advised that the Canadian ice shelves are melting in what he suggests is now an irreversible process, due to climate change.

This new and shocking environmental reality is causing a variety of responses from different regions. For example, the Minister responsible for the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency recently announced funding for new research into long-term, clean energy initiatives in Yukon. Alternative energy projects such as geothermal, wind, hydro and solar are some of the ideas that will be explored. This type of energy is seen as being key to Yukon’s future, given the need for energy in growing sectors while balancing the need to protect the environment.

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Source: CAG Digest

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Sustainability Watch topics focus on the concept of “People – Planet – Profits” and provide… summaries with key developments across the sustainability spectrum. By monitoring thousands of leading journals and periodicals, Sustainability Watch presents best practices in a variety of sustainability areas including environmental impacts and pollution prevention initiatives, corporate citizenship, and long-term sustainable business practices.

Try it out!

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The Environmental Studies Association of Canada (ESAC) is pleased to invite you to submit a paper or poster proposal for its annual conference, held in conjunction with the 2011 Congress of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, at the University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB, Canada, taking place from May 30th-31st.

This year’s theme is “People, Places and Sustainability: Exploring Ideas Across Communities”, and will focus on creating a broadening understanding of what is meant by the term ‘sustainability’ and the factors that contribute to its realization.

The deadline to submit abstracts is February 15th, 2011.

Abstract submissions should be sent to Conference Chair Tara Goetze, at tcgoetze@mac.com. Abstracts on a range of topics relating to sustainability including:

  • Politics of Environmental Knowledge (traditional, local, scientific)
  • Sustainable Development (urban, rural, energy, resource use, food systems)
  • Climate Change
  • Community Resilience
  • Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Ecosystem Goods and Services
  • Indigenous Peoples and Environment
  • Policy and Sustainability (international, national, municipal)
  • Gender and Environment
  • Environmental Education
  • Resource Management / Conservation
  • Economics of Sustainability (consumption, production, marketing)
  • Social Movements (deliberate simplicity, intentional communities)
  • Historical Perspectives
  • Human Security and Conflict

For more information, visit the ESAC website.

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What happens to a vegetarian who moves to Alaska and marries a commercial fisherman and deer hunter?

Eating Alaska is a humorous examination of the realities and ethics behind what we put in our bodies and where it’s from. This acclaimed PBS-bound film journeys from the source to the shelves, stopping everywhere in between to answer such essential and universal questions as:

-Local vs. Organic?
-What can be learned from indigenous food practices?
-Vegan vs. Vegetarian vs. Omnivore?
-What are the consequences of our current system?
-Could you
actually kill an animal for its meat?

Source: website

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Today’s Earthcast is a free, live, interactive web event and is sponsored by Earthscan. It will be held at noon today.

Sustainability in Everyday Life

Part 1: Institutional and Cultural Change

  • How can institutions address the challenges of sustainability?
  • Should organisations take responsibility for cultural change?
  • How can work be redefined to encourage sustainable behavior?

Source: http://www.earthscan.co.uk/Earthcasts/

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Carleton University Geography Association with support of Geography and TSES Departments

  • Topic: Rock for Reduction
  • Speaker: Various speakers on sustainability
  • Place: Thursday, March 4, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. Porter Hall
  • Rock show to follow at Mike’s Place beginning at 8 p.m.

For more information contact: cugeogclub@gmail.com

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