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Nothing is more stressful than writing a thesis or dissertation during an academic career. Here are few good books from the library’s collection for all those graduate students facing this overwhelming task!

How to do your dissertation in geography and related disciplines  also in e-book format

Information skills: finding and using the right resources

Mapping your thesis; the comprehensive manual of theory and techniques for masters and doctoral research

Publishing pedagogies for the doctorate and beyond

Revising your dissertation: advice from leading editors

The student’s guide to preparing dissertation and theses e-book format

The thesis and the book: a guide for first-time academic authors


The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. — Gustave Flaubert


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Congratulations to the following geography students whose theses are highlighted here for 2010. The links provided connect to the Library’s catalogue, however each thesis is also available in full-text via ProQuest.

Author: Julia Worswick

Title: Access to cochlear implant technology; a structurationist approach


Author: Melissa Koluksuz

Title: Weapons of mass distraction: 9/11 and Bush’s window of opportunity into a state of exception


Author: Benjamin Deschamps

Title: Evaluation of three semi-empirical soil moisture estimation models with RADARSAT-2 imagery


Author: Valerie Torontow

Title: Multivariate forest modelling and mapping using Quickbird imagery and topographic data in Chelsea, Quebec


Author: Matthew Cosgrove

Title: The power of place: the effects of productivity discourses on single homeless males in Ottawa


Author: Nicholas Ochoski

Title: Phragmites australis detection using RADARSAT-2: single-polarized analysis and fully polarimetric decomposition


Author: Matthew Maloley

Title: Thermal remote sensing of urban heat islands: Greater Toronto Area


Author: France-Lise Colin

Title: “Nosotros no solamente podemos vivir de cultura”: identity, nature, and power in the Comarca Embera of Eastern Panama


Author: Rebecca Barker

Title: Mapping potential Blanding’s turtle habitat using aerial orthophotographic imagery and object based classification


Author: Yannick Cabassu

Title: Impacts of indigenous subsistence hunting on wildlife abundance in the Rio Plantano Biosphere Reserve, Honduras


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Author: Miles, Steven Robert

Title: Relationships between net primary production, soil moisture and topography in semi-arid grassland environments

Author: King, Gregory M.

Title: Factors influencing the growth of white spruce (Picea glauca) in the Mackenzie Delta, NT

Author: Eberhardt, Ewen

Title: Current and potential wildlife fatality hotspots along the Thousand Islands Parkway in Eastern Ontario, Canada


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Author: Indome, Kwesi.

Title: Access to health care services by recent Ghanaian immigrants in Ottawa : a methodological exploration

URL: http://catalogue.library.carleton.ca:80/record=b2569112


Author: Barnes, Jeffery I., 1982-

Title: Cacao : a cultural keystone species among the Kuna of three communities in San Blas, Panama

URL: http://catalogue.library.carleton.ca:80/record=b2569656


Author: Evans, Leonore, 1975-

Title: Diversifying perceptions of public safety among youth : can youth safety audits affect everyday spaces?

URL: http://catalogue.library.carleton.ca:80/record=b2568342


Author: Hientz, Melanie, 1984-

Title: Liquid identity : navigating a discursive passage through bulk water

URL: http://catalogue.library.carleton.ca:80/record=b2568528

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This is somewhat of an experiment to help me disseminate CU library information to you in a quick and easy format. I’ll not only be able to share new books titles with you but also connect you with videos, podcasts, book reviews, theses, library news and interesting web links….

…. and it’s better than email because it’s visually interactive! You can let me know what you’re interested in, and how I can better serve your needs.

So let’s get started!

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