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Join the Water Consumption Earthcast

Thursday 24th March 2011
17:00 (UK time – GMT), 12:00 (EDT), 9:00 (PDT)

Click here for free registration

This is a free webinar presented by the authors of The Water Footprint Assessment Manual and Corporate Water Strategies that highlights how to assess water usage and develop more successful sustainable business strategies for consumption.

  • Understand the issues facing us globally in water management
  • Learn how water footprints can be calculated for individual processes and products, as well as for consumers, nations and businesses

Who should register?

  • Business leaders, sustainability consultants
  • Water resource planners, and policy-makers
  • Students of business studies and water resource management
  • Anyone interested in understanding how we can better manage this critical resource

Source: Earthscan


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  • Understand the drivers that have resulted in factory farming practices
  • Learn about the animal welfare issues that have arisen as a result of selective breeding and intensive production
  • Discover the true costs of consuming meat; for both our physical health and the future of the planet

Live on Monday 11th October 2010
17:00 (GMT+1), 12:00 (EDT), 9:00 (PDT)

Click here for free registration

Source: Earthscan

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Today’s Earthcast is a free, live, interactive web event and is sponsored by Earthscan. It will be held at noon today.

Sustainability in Everyday Life

Part 1: Institutional and Cultural Change

  • How can institutions address the challenges of sustainability?
  • Should organisations take responsibility for cultural change?
  • How can work be redefined to encourage sustainable behavior?

Source: http://www.earthscan.co.uk/Earthcasts/

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Can economies be redesigned for a low-carbon future?

What opportunities does the financial crisis present?

Is a constructive agreement likely at Copenhagen?

Click here to register for a free, live, interactive web event beginning today at Noon.

In this special pre-Copenhagen Earthcast an expert panel will examine the challenges that lie ahead if current economic systems are to support the developement of a low carbon future and will be answering your questions submitted during the event. Sponsored by Earthscan.

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